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How to Use Fax-Over-IP in Microsoft Outlook

Modified on 2013/02/20 13:20 by Mallory Categorized as Outlook 2010

Sending a fax from Outlook is as easy as sending an email. To send a fax from Outlook, complete the following:

1. Open a new email.

2. The fax number can be entered using one of the three methods:

  • [fax:fax number]   e.g. [fax:2625551234]


  • fax number@fax.morainepark.edu    e.g. 2625551234@fax.morainepark.edu


  • Pick a fax number for a contact from your personal address book. Once the address is selected and you press the OK button, the TO... field in the new email will populate


3. Optionally, you can add an attachment to the email. Supported attachments are Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, GIF and JPEG graphic files, PDF files, RTF files, and HTML. This content will be added as the additional pages of the fax when sent. Below is an example of a completed email ready to be sent as a fax.


4. Click Send. The fax cover will be automatically generated for you when the fax is sent using the information in the email Subject line and email body.

  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail when the fax has been successfully sent or if an error occurred. The e-mail will contain a copy of the fax if you wish to retain it electronically for your records.



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