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How do I set up my new student e-mail?

Modified on 2014/06/20 09:14 by Michelle Stark Categorized as E-mail Account
As a student with Moraine Park Technical College, you are provided with a free e-mail account. This account is used for all official e-mailings from the College, including eCollege.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you can set up your student e-mail account, you will need to open your myMPTC account.
Setting up your account will provide you with your username and allow you to set your own network password.

To set up the e-mail you will need your:
  • myMPTC username (example: sjohnson3)
  • myMPTC password (the password you set when you opened your account)

  1. Log into myMPTC and click on the Student E-Mail icon (far left)

  2. You should get a window with a login similar to below:

  3. Image

    If your screen doesn’t look like this image, exit the pop-up window and clean your browser cache. Then, click the e-mail icon again.
    Do not forward student email to a personal account.  Direct use of student e-mail is the only way to ensure College messages are not blocked.

  4. Sign in with your Student email address and your myMPTC password.

  5. NOTE:Your student email is your myMPTC username@student.morainepark.edu. Example: sjohnson3@student.morainepark.edu

    If you have a personal e-mail account, it may default to your Windows Live ID.  Instead, enter your student issued email address.

    If you have trouble logging in contact the Technology Help Line at Extension 4357 (on campus) or 920-924-3481 (off-campus)

  6. After successful log in, the website will ask you some initial set up questions. Complete all questions.