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Microsoft Office 365 Upgrade Notice

Modified on 2013/09/04 13:02 by Anders Categorized as E-mail Account

Why is MPTC switching from Microsoft's Live@edu service to Office 365?

Microsoft is requiring all of its higher education customers to upgrade from Live@edu to Office 365 Education before September 2013.

When will the migration take place?

The migration to Office 365 will begin on Saturday, September 7th and we expect it to take a few days.

Will email be available during the migration process?

Yes. During the migration, email will be available to students by logging into MyMPTC. Log in to MyMPTC by browsing to myptc.morainepark.edu and click the Email icon. If your account is migrated, you will see the Office 365 heading; otherwise, you will not notice a change.

Will my email address change?

No, your email address will remain the same.

How will I access my email after the upgrade?

To access your email, log in to MyMPTC by browsing to myptc.morainepark.edu and click the Email icon.

How will I access my Live@edu Skydrive after the upgrade?

Skydrive will be available, but not as a component of your MPTC email account. After the upgrade, existing Skydrive users will access their Skydrive data through a personal account, which will be created during the upgrade. Access will be via the SkyDrive URL , using your email address and Live@edu email password.

After the upgrade each user will have two accounts:
  • A MPTC Office 365 account used to access email, calendar, contacts and other Office 365 services.
  • A Personal Microsoft account used to access Microsoft Office Web Apps, and any existing SkyDrive content.

Why two accounts, and how are they different?

The MPTC Office 365 account is managed by Moraine Park Technical College and provides students with access to email, calendar and contacts. Access to Office 365 will be via the MyMPTC portal using the Email icon.

The Personal Microsoft account created during the upgrade is a "personal" account which is not managed by Moraine Park Technical College. This is the account you will log into to access the Microsoft Office Web Apps and Skydrive, should you need to after the migration. Authentication to this account is through your email address and Live@edu email password.

Going forward, this password is no longer administered by MPTC and becomes your responsibility if you choose to continue to use it. The MPTC Help Desk can't help reset this password for you. If you don't know the password to your Personal Microsoft Account, you can use the Microsoft Reset Password Service to reset your personal account password.

Does email change?

There is no functional change to email, calendaring or contacts from what was provided in Live@edu. The new interface is slightly different but intuitive. Also note that all your mail on the existing servers and contacts will be migrated for you during the process.

Will I still have access to the Office suite?

Office 365 continues to provide Microsoft's Office Web apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

You recommended changing my email password before the migration. If I don't use Skydrive, do I still need to change it?

No, you do not. We recommended changing your password ahead of the change to make sure every user has a working password for their personal account, which will be used for the old Skydrives. If you don't need to access the old system, you won't have to change your password.

If I change my email password, should I change my other passwords (myMPTC, eCollege, etc)?

No, you do not need to change your other passwords. Student email is a separate system and changing your email account password will not affect any of your other accounts.

What do I need to do before the migration?

Office 365 users are encouraged to install Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 10, depending on their existing operating system.